Guest Post: Round the World With Us

This is a guest post from Teresa of Round the World With Us. Round the World With Us is a Gold level sponsor of Passports with Purpose this year, and they also plan to visit the village in Karunganni and help out in person! Here’s a little bit more about their amazing family adventure. What […]

A Note from LAFTI

It’s many months back that we met David Albert from Friends of LAFTI for breakfast at Luna Park cafe in West Seattle. Everything we do, it seems, is fueled by carbohydrates. “Yelam Seyalkoodum!” he told us, while he explained how we would get from a handful of bloggers with a mission to a village in […]

BootsnAll: On Building Community

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead As we enter the final week of Passports with Purpose, we at BootsnAll wanted to take a moment to reiterate why we’re supporting Passports with Purpose this year, and to […]

Best Odds in Town!

We know, you’ve been wondering about the easy win. It’s okay, we understand, you want that tenner to pay off, but good. Well, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for, the prizes with the best odds. Take a peek, there’s something here you want. Don’t be a big shot know it all. Take a tour, […]

Why I Support PwP from Mariellen Ward of Breathe, Dream, Go

I’ve spent about a year, altogether, traveling in India by myself over the past five years. I’ve literally been from one end of the country to the other, from the high Himalayas to the beaches of Kerala; from the deserts of Rajasthan to the bustle of Bombay (Mumbai). The reason I have been able to […]

Q&A with LAFTI

As you know, Land for Tiller’s Freedom (LAFTI) is the organization that PwP is sponsoring this year. With your help, we are going to build a village for the Dalit community in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India! We have been receiving regular communications from members of Friends of LAFTI who have been forwarding […]

From Livemocha – A Passports with Purpose Sponsor

This guest post, from Livemocha’s Erin Taylor, explains why they have become a Passports with Purpose 2010 Gold Sponsor! We at Livemocha feel honored by the opportunity to support Passports with Purpose. Language learning is our passion and what better way to help all people achieve fluency in a new language than through community? To […]

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