Prize Donations are Now Closed.

You can still donate directly to Room to Read here. Stand by, in a few days, we’ll notify prize winners. Thank you — our grand total at midnight on Friday, December 16 was 89159.00.

Best Odds Prizes Valued at $1000 or More

Yesterday, Pam published a list of the PwP prizes that you have the best odds of winning.  That list unleashed such a flurry of activity and donations, that we thought we’d put out a second list for people who want to win a BIG prize!  And here it is, the list of best odds if you […]

Best Odds on PwP Prizes

Have you been waiting around to see what you’ve got the best shot at in the long list of totally fabulous Passports with Purpose prizes? We know how you are. I’m not going to show you how many bids there are on these items, but I WILL say this: “Whoa, how can it be that […]

A little effort can make a BIG difference

It has been amazing to see the level of generosity from so many travel bloggers and donors. The two libraries in Zambia through Room to Read are almost a reality. On December 16 at 11:59 PST donations for prizes close, but donations to Room to Read are still accepted. As we head into these last […]

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