Water is Fundamental

We don’t have a dishwasher in our 1940’s home. The family we bought the house from never updated the kitchen so I stand at the sink looking out at the backyard, water running, and I wash dishes. I don’t mind, we’re a small household, no kids, and I kind of like the meditation. But since […]

World’s leading online travel agency joins Passports with Purpose

We are so excited to share that Expedia.com®, the world’s leading online travel agency, will join Passports with Purpose in our fifth annual fundraiser as platinum sponsor. Read about the news here. Our sponsors really help jumpstart the fundraiser and we’re thrilled that Expedia is onboard.  But wait, there’s more!! We’ll be announcing the 2012 PwP […]

Fueled by Cupcakes, Funded by YOU

The Passports with Purpose founders crew genuinely enjoys a good cupcake. Our work — bringing together travel bloggers, travel companies, and sponsors, is fueled by cake and frosting, caffeine and friendship. We convert all those calories, with your help, into some pretty amazing results: A school in Cambodia, a village in India, libraries in Zambia. Towards […]

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