Ten Days of Water

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Here’s a quick water quiz:

  • If you didn’t have access to running water in your house, how far would you have to walk to get to a water source?
  • What would your day be like if you had to use 5 gallons of water or less?
  • What would you do if you didn’t have a toilet?
  • What would you do if all the water you had access to made you sick?

Pelugu Bing Bisse, Rural Aid courtesy Water.orgSo why are we asking these questions? To make the point that for hundreds of millions of people worldwide they are not hypothetical but must be answered each and every day. These are people that walk miles to find clean water or who must nurse their sick children – sick, because of poor sanitation or water-borne disease.

Our 2012 fundraiser won’t be starting for a couple of months but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until November to get water on your mind. In fact, we’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. Here’s what one of the Passports With Purpose founders Debbie Dubrow has to say about this precious resource:

Growing up in the United States, water is a luxury we don’t give much thought to; it is freely available in public restrooms, water fountains, and taps. And it’s always safe to drink. In fact, the idea that water wouldn’t be safe to drink in a country like Mexico is a joke we hear over and over.

I don’t think I truly understood what it meant to have little access to water until our trip to Zambia last year when I stood in one of Lusaka’s urban slums and watched as women paid to fill their buckets with water from the one tap in the area. Compared to women in rural communities who have no easy access to water, these women were lucky, and yet the difficulty and expense of bringing water home impacted everything from basic hygiene and sanitation to food safety.

We’ve already shared a post from Nicole Wickenhauser at Water.org that eloquently describes the conditions many families in Haiti face in the daily struggle to get enough water. Today we wanted to let you know about Ten Days of Water, another opportunity to give to Water.org to support its global efforts to end the water crisis.

Water.org Ten Days of Water badge

Over the next ten days, you’ll be seeing the Passports With Purpose crew along with a number of other bloggers from a great outfit called The Mission List talk a lot about water on Facebook and Twitter. Each blogger participating in the Ten Days of Water Challenge has a goal of raising $250, which is enough money to help ten people get water for life. You can learn more about the fundraiser or make a donation here. And if you haven’t yet signed up to participate in the annual Passports With Purpose fundraiser later this fall, you can do that too. Because in the Fall of 2012, we’re all about working together to bring clean water to as many people as possible.


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