No prize? Don’t panic!

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Well drilling rig operators in Haiti courtesy Water.orgIf you’ve signed up to participate as a blogger in our 2012 fundraiser, we know you’re hard at work getting your prizes lined up before the November 12th deadline. And we can’t wait to see what you all come up with, because if the past is any indication, there’s sure to be some pretty sweet stuff in the mix.

And if you haven’t yet managed to find a sponsor for your prize don’t give up hope: You’ve still got time. Not sure where to begin? A good place is by looking at companies that you’ve worked with in the past and who know you – especially companies that you know your readers like (since you’ll be writing about the company on your blog). Although your prize needs to meet our guidelines, there are many options from gear to vacation packages.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to ask – remember that you’re giving your sponsor the chance to participate in a fundraiser that not only lets them help out, but offers some fabulous exposure beyond your site. If you need tips on how to word your request, we’ve got some language you can use. And remember that you may need to be persistent to track down the right person to ask about donating a prize. Start with your main contact and work from there.

A reminder: You’ll need your sponsor to fill out the procurement form  — this is their commitment to deliver on your prize.

And if the prize thing isn’t just panning out for you, there’s something else you can to do help our efforts: Help us find new bloggers to participate. It’s easy and it for a great cause. Tell your people to sign up, to host a widget, to get a prize, to spread the word. It’s the network that makes us successful, can you use yours to help us grow?

Photo of well rig drill operators in Haiti courtesy of

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