And now a word from some of our sponsors…

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Family collecting water in Haiti courtesy of Water.orgThere is so much going on behind the scenes here at Passports with Purpose as we get ready to launch our 2012 fundraiser on November 28. We’ve got bloggers lining up some fantastic prizes and we can’t wait to share them.

And lucky for us, we’ve also got the best sponsors a travel blogging fundraiser could ask for. We certainly wouldn’t be able to reach our goal of raising $100,000 to build two wells in Haiti with without them.

A couple of weeks ago we asked some of our bloggers to share their reasons for participating in our annual fundraiser. This week we’re turning the spotlight on our sponsors, who have some equally amazing reasons for doing what they do. But enough from us – let’s see what they have to say:

Rick Calvert, CEO, TBEX

TBEX is very proud to be a sponsor of Passports with Purpose. Their mission of giving back to the places travelers visit promotes a spirit of learning, giving and understanding between cultures. It allows travel bloggers from around the world to come together as a community for a common purpose. In short Passports with Purpose represents everything good in travel blogging.

Samuel and Peter Daams, Founders, Travellerspoint

How could we not support our favourite blogging initiative yet again in 2012?! Travellerspoint has been blessed by the kind words of many a blogger through the years, and supporting Passports with Purpose is an easy way for us to say thank you to all the bloggers involved, while doing some good at the same time. Really it’s win-win-win, and more companies with far larger budgets than ours should get behind this!

Preeti Vadgama, Online Marketing Assistant, HostelBookers

HostelBookers is delighted to be sponsoring Passports with Purpose and to be involved with such an important initiative. The money they are looking to raise will help this worthy organization to achieve their compassionate task to build water wells in Haiti and make more people aware of the water crisis around the world.

Paul Anderson, Marketing Director, GoWithOh

Passports with Purpose  is a project that we’re really happy to support. It’s a great chance to work with our blogger friends on a truly worthwhile cause. What better way to show our appreciation of the world we love to travel?

See why we love these companies? We’re so grateful not just for their ongoing support and generosity but for the fact that they truly understand what it means to be a traveller and global citizen. And we hope you’ll check out their services, whether you’re looking for holiday apartments in Europe, hostels around the world, a conference for bloggers, writers and new media content creators or a huge online community of like-minded travelers.

Photo of family collecting water in Haiti courtesy of

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