Why are we partnering with Water.org to build wells in Haiti? Expedia explains

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We’re so grateful to Expedia, this year’s platinum sponsor of the Passports with Purpose fundraiser. Here’s what they have to say about why they’re partnering with us and Water.org to build five wells in Haiti.

Kids at a new well in Haiti - courtesy of Water.org

It may be the most integral, yet most overlooked part of our lives. Almost all of us begin the day with it, whether it’s taking a shower

or using it to start a pot of coffee. The rest of the day you may see us carrying a bottle of it around and using it to hydrate at the gym. The end of the day you may then see us having a glass of it at dinner, followed by pouring a glass of it at bedtime. It’s not just water, but safe water. Yet as important as it is in our own daily lives, many people around the world don’t have such easy access to it.  It’s for this, and many other reasons, that as a Platinum sponsor of Passports with Purpose, Expedia is thrilled to be partnering with PwP, travel bloggers from around the world, and Water.org to help bring clean water to those who need it.

For many travelers, the Caribbean is paradise, where miles of sandy beaches, chic hotels, and turquoise waters await them. We’d be lying if we said that it wasn’t one of our favorite vacation spots. It’s not a place we need an excuse to go visit. However, for most people in Haiti, what’s an everyday part of many of our lives, is an elusive luxury for them.

In Haiti, nearly half of the residents don’t have a local sour

ce for accessing safe water, with even more people being without a sanitary toilet. In many cities, such as Port-au-Prince, residents have to walk great lengths to a nearby water tank to fill up a water jug to serve as their water for the day. Often this water is contaminated, affecting women and children the most, making them susceptible to diseases as a result of unsafe water.

This is where Water.org comes in. As Water.org outlines on their website, their vision is for “the day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water.” The nonprofit organization has been working with communities in Africa, Asia, and Central America to provide access to sanitary water for over 20 years. Yes, it’s providing water, but more then that, it’s providing opportunity, as safe drinking water has strong implications on families, personal well-being and health, education, and more. Providing sanitary water sources isn’t just a quick fix, but with Water.org’s approach, a long-term solution to empower local communities.

One thing that we at Expedia have come to realize about travel is that it goes beyond the surface of a place. Every trip is unique and personal, with each time we step foot on a plane offering the opportunity to find out something new about the world and ourselves. 2012 has seen Expedia invest more in the online travel community to help uncover and tell those unique travel stories. We see our sponsorship with Passports with Purpose as an extension of that. As we’ve partnered more with travel bloggers, we’ve been inspired by the work of Passports with Purpose to partner with travel bloggers to help communities around the world. We are eager to work with them and travel bloggers to reach the $100,000 goal to enable Water.org to help communities in Haiti by building new wells. Join us in this year’s Passports with Purpose fundraiser to help provide new opportunities for the people and communities of Haiti!

Photo credit: Water.org

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