And the magic number is $110,000

The confetti has settled on our fundraising efforts and we are happy to report that thousands of donors bid on one or more of the 110 fabulous prizes from November 28 to December 11, 2012. Through donations in $10 increments and the participation of more than 200 travel bloggers around the world, we surpassed our […]

Another amazing fundraiser – all because of YOU

So, how’d we do? Do you see the widget? Go ahead, we’ll wait while you give it a look.  Yes, you read that right, we – YOU- raised one hundred thousand dollars to fund five wells in Haiti with         A quick what’s next: We’ll send out notifications on December 18th. […]

Best Odds on High Value Prizes

We know. You want to know where the crazy steals are. We’ve published the overall best odds, now here’s another top ten. These are the prizes that would set you back some bank if you headed out to buy them at full retail cost. But you get a shot at this stuff for a mere […]

Good Odds on Great Stuff for Ten Bucks.

We’re just over halfway through our fundraiser — and not quite halfway to our fundraising goals. Folks keep asking this: Where’s that best odds list? I’ve been waiting for that best odds list. Well, you got it. Go mess with the math, why don’t you, and prove us wrong on these excellent prizes that are […]

Thank you!

As we enter the last five days of the fundraiser, you have helped raised over $35,000! That’s huge! We believe we can make our $100,000 goal with your help. We know you’ve been hard at work getting the word out, encouraging others to donate and we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU. […]

Getting Inspired: From One to Many

We’ve already heard from Expedia and some our other sponsors for our 2012 fundraiser; today it’s Tripit’s turn. Tripit offers online and mobile tools to help you organize your travel itineraries simply by using your flight, rental car, and hotel confirmation emails. Below Director of Public Relations Amy Jackson shares why Tripit is participating in […]

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