Getting Inspired: From One to Many

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We’ve already heard from Expedia and some our other sponsors for our 2012 fundraiser; today it’s Tripit’s turn. Tripit offers online and mobile tools to help you organize your travel itineraries simply by using your flight, rental car, and hotel confirmation emails. Below Director of Public Relations Amy Jackson shares why Tripit is participating in Passports with Purpose and how they are offering a chance to raise even more money to build wells in Haiti. Thanks so much Amy.

Woman sifting through sand to get water in Haiti

When I first saw this video of the Passport with Purpose team’s visit to Zambia, I was surrounded by a tight knit community of travel bloggers and towering mountains in Keystone, Colorado. I don’t know if it was the deep sense of camaraderie or inspiring landscape, but the scene with the Zambian kids singing in their new library really spoke to me.

I was inspired to get TripIt involved in Passports with Purpose, and that initial spark ignited at the TBEX conference grew into something larger when an entire team of people started brainstorming back at our office in San Francisco.

In addition to joining as a sponsor, we imagined what could happen if we rallied thousands of global employees within Concur to get involved. So we’re sending each and every one a holiday package with instructions on how to donate and to help spread the word about Passports with Purpose.

We also wanted to make it easy for passionate travelers within the TripIt community to help. So we created a way for an additional 5-dollar donation to be made to Passports with Purpose for every gift of TripIt Pro that’s purchased at by December 15, 2012. When a traveler gives the gift of peaceful travel to another traveler, we give to Passports with Purpose.

We’re honored to be involved in such a worthy cause, where travelers have the opportunity to give back. And I personally can’t wait to see the video of families receiving clean water from the wells built in partnership with

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