Another amazing fundraiser – all because of YOU

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So, how’d we do?

Do you see the widget? Go ahead, we’ll wait while you give it a look. 

Yes, you read that right, we – YOU- raised one hundred thousand dollars to fund five wells in Haiti with





A quick what’s next:

  • We’ll send out notifications on December 18th. Stand by for that. If you are a blogger and you hosted a prize, please be a facilitator between your prize sponsor and your winner to make sure everything gets shipped off in a timely manner.
  • But wait there’s more! We’ll release the grand totals as soon as we’ve got them. It takes a little while — we have matching funds that come in and last minute donations and … but we’ll let you know to the dollar.
  • We’ll take a long nap. And maybe get some coffee and cupcakes.

Now, on a more personal note …

It’s been a bit of a tough year at the virtual PwP headquarters. Debbie Dubrow, our co-founder and a key player in oh, everything we do, stepped away to spend time with her family. We had a painful website migration. We had several days of unpredictable behavior from our site at the launch of this year’s fundraiser, including the dreaded 404.

But we also had an unstoppable freight train of good will behind us. We had the backing of generous sponsors, some of them for the fourth year in a row. We got an unprecedented amount of virtual ink love from our friends in media. The prizes were nothing short of mind-blowing. (If you neglected to bid, you’re kicking yourself now, aren’t you?)

And we had the support of a sprawling community of bloggers. Not just big bloggers with great connections, but new kids, too, who just wanted to help. It’s that “I just want to help” attitude that makes this initiative a success. Not just a success, but also a freaking bumper crop, every single year. Without your involvement, we’re a handful of people with some decent ideas. But with you behind us, we are collectively a force for good. We are change for the better. We are the very best in the spirit of travel.

If you donated to our 2012 fundraiser; blogged, tweeted, pinned, or posted it on Facebook, or helped support or sponsor us in any way – Thank you! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to offer clean water for life to hundreds of people in Haiti.

We raised one hundred thousand dollars to fund five wells. Hey you guys, look at what you did!

Thank you.

Pam, Beth, Michelle, Mara and Meg

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