Celebrating World Water Day with Water.org

March 22 is World Water Day. We’re sharing this post from Nicole Wickenhauser of Water.org as part of the World Water Day Blog Carnival at Cloudhead.org where you’ll find inspiring posts from travel bloggers and artists. Since childhood, Jacque helped her mother collect water from wherever they could scavenge it near their village in the […]

The State of PwP – 2013

by Beth Whitman I’m honored to be a co-founder of Passports with Purpose. We began as a loose-knit organization formed when four friends sat around a coffee table discussing ways to pull the travel blogging community together while doing something good in the world. After just five years, we’re now awaiting our non-profit status and […]

After Five Years, It’s Time for a Change

Let’s start with the hard part: After five years with Passports with Purpose, I’m resigning from the Board of Directors. The “Why?” is a mix of public and private. There’s work I’m neglecting. My ridiculous music career is weirdly engaging and takes a lot of time. That partially written nonfiction manuscript on my hard drive […]

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