Celebrating World Water Day with Water.org

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March 22 is World Water Day. We’re sharing this post from Nicole Wickenhauser of Water.org as part of the World Water Day Blog Carnival at Cloudhead.org where you’ll find inspiring posts from travel bloggers and artists.

Jacque and her community now have a well.Since childhood, Jacque helped her mother collect water from wherever they could scavenge it near their village in the Central Plateau of Haiti. But children like Jacque often got ill with diarrhea from drinking water collected from open and unprotected water sources. Fortunately, when she got older, Jacque’s community built a well.

As she got older, her community built a well. But after only a few years it broke down. No one had the money or know-how to fix it so it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Today, her community has a new well, funded by the generosity of donors like you. And because of the community training and leadership components of Water.org’s approach, if the new well needs repair, the community will have the knowledge and financial resources to do so.

Jacque and her family now find water with ease. Clean water: To drink, to bathe in, to keep them healthy. Money that used to go towards hospital bills can now be used to send the children to school, or pay for animals. They’re incredibly grateful for the new life this new well has given them.

Jacque is lucky. Amazingly, one in eight people do not have access to safe water. On average, women and girls in developing countries walk 3.7 miles each day to collect water (which is often not safe), carrying vessels that weigh up to 44 pounds. As a result, girls are unable to attend school, women are unable to hold a job, diseases abound, and the cycle of poverty continues. But the opportunities that come with ready access to safe water are amazing. (Here is a great graphic, courtesy of the Voss Foundation, that illustrates the ripple effect of safe water.) Thanks to the support of donors like you, Water.org is working with people in the Central Plateau of Haiti to break this cycle.

March 22 is World Water Day, a day established 20 years ago by the United National General Assembly to focus attention on the importance of freshwater.

This World Water Day, we invite you to celebrate successes of women like Jacque that are taking place all around the world. We invite you to appreciate the role of freshwater in your own life. And in that reflection, to give thanks for your health and the opportunities you have in life because of it. In our thoughts and in our actions, let’s rally together in the name of safe water! (You can donate your voice or check out events happening around the world.)

On behalf of the entire Water.org team and the communities we work in partnership with in Haiti and around the world, thank you for you invaluable support!

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” ~ Satoro

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