5 Reasons to Donate to Passports With Purpose

UPDATE: Our prize catalogue is live! After you’ve had a chance to convince yourself with our excellent reasons to donate, we hope you’ll check it out. We’re pretty excited here at Passports with Purpose virtual HQ. Our catalogue is filling up with prizes, our bloggers are sending links to fabulous posts, and our start date […]

Visiting Our Schools in Mali

Last fall, we partnered with buildOn to raise $84,000 to build two schools in southern Mali. While we initially talked with buildOn about being able to visit the schools once they were built, at the time the fundraiser ended, they didn’t feel the security situation in the country was good enough to arrange a trip […]

5 Tips for Better Passports with Purpose Blog Posts

We’re revving up our engines, anxious to hit the road on December 1 when blogger posts go live and Passports with Purpose opens up for donations. Lots of amazing prizes are in the bag. Prizes were due November 10th. If you didn’t quite make that date, you can still squeak in. Just check out our prize guidelines and […]

We’re now accepting prizes!

Great news! Our prize procurement form is live. So bring on the fabulous – we are ready to receive it. We’ve extended our prize entry deadline and you now have until Monday, November 10, 2014 to fill out the form. One thing that’s a little different this year: The information you enter will be going directly […]

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