Let’s bring digital reading to five libraries in Kenya with Worldreader

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Worldreader KenyaIt’s been pretty clear over the years how much the travel blogging community values literacy – we’ve raised over $200,000 to build libraries and schools in Asia and Africa. Here at Passports with Purpose headquarters we like to think that’s because bloggers are in love with the written word and see how it takes many of us to the ends of the earth and back.

And there are great reasons to promote literacy: According to UNESCO, 781 million adults and 126 million youths – 3 out of 5 of them girls – can neither read nor write. Literacy is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty and books are critical to improving literacy. But in Africa as many as 50 percent of all schools have few or no books. And that’s why:

We’re excited to announce our 2015 partnership with Worldreader

Worldreader has a very simple mission: To bring digital books to every family, empowering them to improve their lives.

The funds raised in 2015 from Passports with Purpose  will bring digital reading to five libraries in western Kenya. The e-readers will provide an estimated 6,250 children, teachers and parents with access to more than 50,000 books.

Worldreader Kenya projectWhat we like about Worldreader’s work is that it operates at the intersection of technology and indigenous culture. Each library will get 50 Kindle e-readers, containing both English and Swahili fiction and non-fiction for all ages, as well as Kenyan textbooks. The Worldreader program also includes comprehensive training for the librarians, as well as a field-tested and proven solar solution that will keep the e-readers charged if electricity is scarce.

We’ll be sharing so much more about Worldreader and their work in the days to come, but please feel free to visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook to learn more.

Helping $10 at a time

Our approach to raising money has always been primarily grassroots and driven by the online community. It’s also pretty simple.

Bloggers either purchase or procure a prize from a sponsor and we auction off the prizes online. Every $10 buys a chance to win something fabulous from a resort vacation to a camera to a stylish new suitcase. We give every dime Worldreader.

Many of the digital books are free and Worldreader has special agreements with publishers so no book costs more than $1. That means this year your donations will go farther than ever.

You can make a difference

Worldreader ereaders in KenyaIt seems like there is plenty of bad news to go around of late, perhaps even more than usual. But the next time you see a report about the myriad numbers of Africans attempting to flee their home continent in search of a better life or of militants murdering students, know that there is something concrete that you can do to improve the quality of life and education for people there.

Our fundraiser will take place from November 8 until November 18, 2015 – very appropriate given that we are celebrating our eighth year.

Are you a travel blogger? Sign up to participate.

Do you work for a company that makes matching donations? Start making inquiries now and plan to include Passports With Purpose in your end-of-year giving.

Want to sponsor our efforts? Let us know.

And no matter what role you want to play, stay up-to-date with all our news by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Pass along our news to the world using the hashtag #PWP.

The Passports with Purpose crew is united in our love of books and our belief that education and literacy have the power to change lives. We hope you’ll join us and Worldreader in bringing them to the people of Kenya.

Donate to Worldreader

Passports with Purpose 2015

In 2015 Passports with Purpose is raising money to bring e-readers to Kenya with Worldreader.

All photos courtesy of Worldreader


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