It’s we-love-our-prize-sponsors day

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Passports with Purpose Thanks

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Seriously – have you looked at our prize catalogue? If not, take a minute and go check it out. We’ll wait.

Luxury hotel stays from New York to California, a week in a Yosemite yurt (now those are two words it’s very fun to say together), a high-performance GoPro camera, a pickpocket-proof wardrobe of travel clothes, the trip of a lifetime hiking in Burkina Faso – and that’s just a sampling of some of the things you could win just by donating $10.

We’re so grateful for all of these prizes because without them, we wouldn’t be able to run our fundraiser. Year after we year we count on travel brands to donate generously and they always do. That’s because they¬†know that the global community of travel loves to give back, but also loves the chance to win something they might not have the means to buy. It’s a win-win that is only made possible by travel brands saying yes.

Donate to WorldreaderOf course, in order to do our work we need your help too. Until 11:59 p.m. EST on November 18, 2015 for every $10 donation you make you can enter to win one of these prizes. Every penny that you give, minus Paypal fees, goes directly to our charity beneficiary Worldreader. The funds raised in 2015 from Passports with Purpose will bring digital reading to five libraries in western Kenya. The e-readers will provide an estimated 6,250 children, teachers and parents with access to more than 50,000 books.

If you think these brands deserve a thank you like we do, you might hop over to Twitter and give a few of them a shout-out there. We’ve created a Twitter list so you can see everyone who helped make this year’s fundraiser possible.

The work we want to do is serious, but having these prizes to give away makes it fun. Thanks so much to all of our sponsors for bringing joy to so many people around the world.

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