It’s Friends and Family Friday at #PwP

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Friends & Family Friday

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We’re just about at the halfway mark in our fundraiser, and are definitely feeling the online love. Our fantastic bloggers have been out tweeting up a storm, sharing their prizes on Facebook, and filling the online travel airspace with all kinds of goodness on our #PwP hashtag. We love to see it, and to see the donations coming in to help us reach our goal of helping Worldreader bring e-books to five libraries in Kenya.

Today we’re asking everyone who loves our fundraiser to join us in Friends and Family Friday, where we pass the word around directly to people we know. This can be via email, through a phone call, or during a conversation at the office.

Why are we asking you to do this? Because we know that it works. When people hear about our fundraiser from someone they know and trust, they are more likely to make a donation. And since we make our money by collecting lots and lots of small donations, the more people who get our message and actually give, the more we’re able to send to Worldreader.

We know you’re busy, so we thought we’d share a couple of paragraphs that you should feel free to cut and paste into any email you send:

Passports with Purpose is the annual travel bloggers’ fundraiser, working to do global good by partnering with the travel industry and with a handpicked and vetted charity. Travel bloggers work with their favorite travel brands and destinations, which provide prizes – everything from gear to resort packages. During the online fundraiser donors can browse a catalog of prizes. For each $10 donation they get one online “ticket” or chance for a prize. Donors can bid as many times as they like for each prize – putting $100 in one prize basket and getting 10 chances to win it, or spreading their money around to different prizes. At the end of the fundraiser the Passports with Purpose team draws one winner for each prize.

The funds raised in 2015 from Passports with Purpose will bring digital reading to five libraries in western Kenya via Worldreader. The e-readers will provide an estimated 6,250 children, teachers and parents with access to more than 50,000 books.

Each library will get 50 Kindle e-readers, containing both English and Swahili fiction and non-fiction for all ages, as well as Kenyan textbooks. The Worldreader program also includes comprehensive training for the librarians, as well as a field-tested and proven solar solution that will keep the e-readers charged if electricity is scarce.

One hundred percent of Passport with Purpose donations, exclusive of PayPal fees, go directly to Worldreader. The fundraiser is runs through 11:59 pm EST on 11/18. During that time the catalog of travel-related prizes will be live.

To add a personal touch, we also suggest that you talk about your favorite prizes or explain why you’ve chosen to give to Passports with Purpose this year and in the past.

And of course, the most important piece of information to include is a link to either our 2015 Prize Catalog:

or to our Donate page:

Thank you so much for helping to spread the #PwP love to the people you care about – fingers crossed that you and they win an amazing prize.

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