2010 Land for Tiller’s Freedom

“I am overwhelmed. I picked up my mail this afternoon and found a check for $1,000. That means we just blew past $50,000!!!!!!!!!! Indeed, Yelam Mroodium. (Everything is possible!)

We are so excited that 25 families in Karunganni will soon have a decent place to live. It is all thanks to you, your generous sponsors, and over 300 caring individuals who wanted to make this world a better place. Bravo to all of you.

With humble regards, Peggy, LAFTI”

Land for Tillers’ Freedom, LAFTI, is a non-profit organization based out of India that  is focused on changing the conditions of the Dalit Caste or India’s poorest of the poor.  LAFTI works with the government and financial institutions to purchase land for Dalit families. 

2010 Sponsors


We couldn’t be more pleased to announce our top tier sponsor, BootsnAll. They’re longtime friends of the crew at Passports with Purpose and of travelers in general, and we’re delighted that they’ve decided to give back in this generous and meaningful way. But hey, why not let BootsnAll cofounder Sean Keener tell you himself how he feels about this relationship?


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Round the World with Us

You’ll want to follow this family’s adventure as they journey around the world for one year. They’ll be volunteering and blogging as they go – they even plan to visit the Passports With Purpose village in India and write about their experiences on RTWWithUs.org!


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