Travel Industry and PR

Participation in PwP is a great way to get your brand in front of an audience that’s genuinely interested in travel. Here’s how you can help.

  • Become a sponsor: A sponsorship is a great way to reach the travel community. Sponsors have prominent placement our website and in social media. In addition, because your sponsorship money goes to a non-profit it is tax deductible as a charitable donation.
  • Host a badge or banner ad: Host our banner on your blog using your ad space; or host the widget as a backup for your unsold ad inventory.
  • Donate a prize. Let your customers know that they could win one of your products by making a prize donation. We can match you with a blogger who can honestly and effectively promote your prize. Or maybe you’ve worked with a blogger you like and you can partner with them to benefit PwP. Give a blogger who loves what you do the opportunity to shout from the hills about how great your product is. Brag to your loyal followers about the charity initiatives you participate in. Sometimes popular prizes get great coverage both across our network of blogs and in the mainstream media.

2015 Dates to Remember:

Monday, October 26: Deadline for submitting prize and for blogger’s prize sponsor to complete the prize procurement form.
Saturday, November 7: Submit link(s) to PwP blog post to the PwP catalog form.
Sunday, November 8, 11:59 PM (EST): Blogger posts go live! PwP open for donations!
Wednesday, November 18, 11:59 PM (EST): Donations for prizes close. Note: We’ll still take donations, but no more drawing entries.
Sunday, November 22: We’ll notify prize winners and host bloggers.

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