How to Get a Prize to Give Away

How do I get a prize to give away?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Especially for first time participants.

It’s easiest to work with companies who know you. If you’re a new blogger and this isn’t an option, don’t be deterred. Remember, you’re joining a great community driven fundraiser that will offer your prize sponsor wide exposure for their gift. You’re not offering just your individual blog, you’re offering participation in a targeted, passionate, active online network.

Now that you know that we’re all standing behind you, click on the arrow below for a step by step guide to communicating with your sponsor.

  1. Decide what you want to give away. Make sure it meets the guidelines.
  2. Make contact with your sponsor. Explain that you are looking for a prize to give away as part of the Passports with Purpose fundraiser. One lucky donor will be randomly awarded the prize at the end of the fundraiser.
  3. Tell your sponsor why you love their product and give them a sense of what you’ll be saying about it. Your enthusiasm is what will get your readers excited about potentially winning too. Tip! High value, desirable, and prizes with deep personal appeal receive special attention and interest.
  4. Tell your sponsor exactly what you want to give away.  For example, if you’re contacting a company that makes backpacks, tell them exactly which pack you want. Give them the product name and the SKU number — provide as much information as you can. If you want a hotel stay, name the property and the ideal number of nights.
  5. Tell your sponsor what you offer in return for their support.
    • Impressive stats? Share them. Traffic, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, whatever you can tell your sponsor about your audience is helpful.
    • Share the combined traffic in our — your! — network. You’re part of that! All that data is here.
    • What about your post? Will you write a review, include pictures of, tell stories about why you think this product is great? This works for destinations, too.
    • Tell your sponsor why this is a great fit for you and your readership. Adventure blogger seeking a great backpack? Family travel blogger seeking fun distractions for the kids on the plane? Your sponsor wants to know they’re reaching the right audience.
  6. Point out the extras. This isn’t just about exposure on your blog. Your listing on the Passports with Purpose website will bring visitors to your post with links back to your post about the prize. We’ve seen wish lists for the Passports with Purpose prizes from outside the immediate travel bloggers network and received media coverage that included mention of the prizes.
  7. Fill out the prize procurement form. Have your prize sponsor fill out the form once they have confirmed participation.

The fine print:

  • You are responsible for making sure that the prize winner receives their prize. If you have procured a gift certificate or voucher, have it sent to you in advance so that you can carefully review the fine print.
  • You must fully describe the prize to your readers. You must publish any limitations or costs that the winner might incur (for example taxes or other fees on a free hotel room).
  • The prize is offered in exchange for promotional consideration on your blog. Passports with Purpose is unable to provide tax receipts.

Need a jumpstart on that sponsor email?

Here’s a snippet about Passports with Purpose 2015 to get you going.

In its eighth year, Passports with Purpose (PwP) is the annual travel bloggers fundraiser. PwP was founded in 2008 by a group of Seattle-based travel bloggers as a way to build community among travel bloggers and to give back to the places they visit. 

During the fundraiser, held this year from November 8-18, 2015, participating bloggers procure a prize and post about Passports with Purpose and the prize on their blog. Travel bloggers around the world promote the fundraiser in social media and among their network of contacts. The Passports with Purpose website hosts a list of all the available prizes and donors make a donation. For each $10 donated, they can be entered to win a prize of their choice. After the fundraiser ends, a winner is randomly selected for each prize. Prizes range from travel gear and hotel stays to vacation packages and the latest in electronics.

Your prize donation will help raise funds for the 2015 beneficiary, Worldreader. Funds raised will bring digital readers to five libraries in Kenya. The e-readers will provide about 6,250 children, teachers and parents with access to more than 50,000 books. More about the project can be found here.

PwP initiatives benefited Heifer International; the Passports School with American Assistance for Cambodia; a village in Tamil Nadu, India for 25 Dalit families with Land for Tillers’ Freedom; two libraries in Zambia with Room to Read; five wells in Haiti with; two schools and two adult literacy programs in Mali with buildOn; and, in 2014, five communities in Honduras with Sustainable Harvest.

PwP has been recognized by Travel + Leisure® magazine with a Social Media in Travel  + Tourism℠ Awards (SMITTY) for “Best Use of Social Media by an Independent Journalist/Blogger.”

In 2014, the Passports with Purpose participating blogger network (excluding major media participants/sponsors and participants who opted not to share their traffic numbers) had collectively over 1.5M unique monthly visitors. In addition to traffic from individual blogs (many in their 5th or 6th year of participation) we received significant traffic from Twitter and Facebook. 

Still have questions?

Get in touch. We want this to be easy for you and we’re here to help.

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