How We Do It

Passports with Purpose relies on a global network of travel bloggers, sponsors, public relations professionals, travel service and product providers, media, and the generosity of thousands of donors who make small donations that add up to a significant combined total — enough to build schools, homes, libraries and more.

How does it all come together?

  • Charities can apply to be a PwP beneficiary using this application. Applications for 2015 are due March 16, 2015.
  • The PwP team evaluates all applications and selects a recipient for the current year.
  • We recruit bloggers through our social media and personal networks.
  • We engage sponsors, trading promotion of their product or service for a donation.
  • With the support of public relations pros and travel providers, those bloggers find something great to give away. Our participating bloggers promote their prize to their audience.
  • We publish a catalog of all those great giveaways.
  • We spread the word, again through our collective network.
  • Our friends, family, readers, and the people we connect with through the web make small donations for a shot at getting something great.
  • We give the money to the charity. All of it — minus the transaction fees charged by PayPal and some admin fees — go to the beneficiary we’ve selected for the year.
  • We do a random draw and give away all the great prizes too.

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