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November 8, 2015: Passports with Purpose 2015 Fundraiser Now Taking Donations for Worldreader (press release)
May 5, 2015: Passports with Purpose Announces Worldreader as 2015 Beneficiary (press release)


December 14, 2014:, Travel in the time of Ebola: What it’s like to travel to West Africa during the outbreak

PwP Board member, Katie Aune travels to West Africa to visit buildOn schools as result of PwP fundraiser

November 24, 2014: Passports with Purpose 2014 Launches on December 1, 2014 with Beneficiary Sustainable Harvest International (press release)

July 28, 2014: Passports with Purpose Announces Sustainable Harvest International as 2014 Beneficiary (press release)

May 8, 2014: The Daily Meal, Traveling with a purpose

PwP Board member and co-founder, Michelle Duffy speaks at NY Travel Festival about traveling with a purpose


December 6, 2013:, Travel Brands and Bloggers Roll Out Their Annual Passports with Purpose Fundraiser

“Passports With Purpose has been repeatedly successful because the travel blogging community steps up again and again to make it successful,” says Mara Gorman, a PwP board member who publishes the Mother of all Trips travel blog. “We’re able to tap into a deep impulse among this diverse group who want to improve the world. Without the breadth of their network and their commitment to the various causes we’ve supported, we wouldn’t be able to raise large sums of money in $10 increments.”

November 25, 2013: Sixth Annual ‘Passports with Purpose’ Launches with Hundreds of Travel Bloggers and Amazing Prizes to Raise Funds for Education in Mali (press release)

November 20, 2013: Travel Coffee Break

The travel blogger initiative, Passports with Purpose is about to start this year’s fundraiser to raise $115,000 to build schools in Mali with the charity, buildOn. In this week’s edition, I’ll be talking to some of the people behind ‘Passports with Purpose’ about what they do, and the Mali project.

November 11, 2013: Partners with Passports with Purpose to Raise Funds to Support Children’s Education and Adult Literacy in Mali (press release)

June 27, 2013: Passports with Purpose Announces buildOn as 2013 Beneficiary (press release)

June 2013: Travel + Leisure – Social Media’s Most Innovative Travel Companies

The biggest development was opening up the competition to bloggers and independent journalists. It was kind of a no-brainer. After all, these folks are either on the ground or have their ear to the ground. And whether they’re reviewing local hotels or reporting from far-flung regions, their social activity is helping to evolve the medium as much as any company. So we’re excited to give Passports with Purpose our first SMITTY Award for a blog.

2012 Press Releases and Coverage:

December 18, 2012: Passports with Purpose 2012 Surpasses Fundraising Goal – Raises $110,00 for

November 28, 2012: Passports with Purpose Transforms Lives by Raising Funds to Help Haitians Builds Wells Through Partnership with Travel blogging community comes together to raise $100,000 for fifth annual online fundraiser.

June 21, 2012: Passports with Purpose Announces as 2012 BeneficiaryA Network of Travel Bloggers and Donors Raise Funds to Build Five Wells in Haiti

June 16, 2012: Get to Know Passports with Purpose: Find Your Purpose with Passports with Purpose and Expedia (video)

June 13, 2012: Passports with Purpose Partners with for Annual Travel Bloggers Fundraiser. kicks off the fifth online fundraiser as the platinum sponsor and joins Passports with Purpose in announcing 2012 beneficiary on June 16

December 20, 2012: – ‘Tis the season – for passports with purpose

December 9, 2012: – Passports with Purpose: Travel bloggers unite to help the places they write about

December 8, 2012: –  GeekWire Podcast: Tablets, travel, kids, and a ukulele rock band, live in studio

December 7, 2012: – 15 Boutique Hotels Support 2012 Passports w/ Purpose Campaign

December 4, 2012: WGN-TV (Chicago) – Focus on family, thoughtful giving

December 1, 2012: Seattle Times – Gifts for travelers that give back

“Make a donation in a traveler’s name. Passports with a Purpose, a fundraiser started in 2008 by four Seattle-based travel bloggers, aims to raise $100,000 this year to build wells in rural Haiti. Those who donate are eligible for prizes, from travel gear to vacation packages, supplied by the bloggers and sponsoring travel companies.

December 1, 2012: Travel Culture Magazine– Help Build 5 Wells in Haiti with and Win Great Prizes Too!

November 30, 2012: TBEX – Passports with Purpose 2012: Jaw-droppingly amazing prizes (& clean water to boot)

“Of course, Passports with Purpose isn’t just about the great causes – it’s also about the exceptionally cool prizes that travel bloggers manage to procure every year so PwP can raise money for those causes. As the fundraising goals get bigger every year, so does the list of awesome prizes – and this year is no different.  It’s truly a testament to the strong connections travel bloggers can establish with the travel industry that such great travel prize packages are donated to PwP each year.”

November 29, 2012: Frommer’s– Passports with Purpose: Send Your Money on a Trip to Help Those in Need

“There are so many worthy causes and beautiful places and people in the world who could use the boost — where would you even start? These women do their homework, seeking projects with good community engagement and charitable organizations with successful track records.”

November 29, 2012: – Passports with Purpose

“… what’s amazing is that every year the wonderful folks who organize this fundraiser seem to come up with even more vital causes and raise significantly more money. This year to me is the best yet: clean water. There’s not a more basic need than that. And the location, Haiti, is where this should happen. With donations towards the unusually special array of blogger prizes (tours, gift vouchers for flights and hotels and even a ukulele) PWP hopes to raise $100,000 this year and proceeds will go to to dig wells for clean water in Haiti.”

November 28, 2012: – A globetrotter’s guide to giving back

“Founded in 2008 as a way for travel bloggers to build community and give back to the places they visit, Passports with Purpose is dedicating this year’s fundraiser (which runs through Dec. 11) to building five wells in rural Haiti through Each $10 donation gives you a chance to win prizes that include vacation packages, electronics and travel gear.”

November 28, 2012:– Travel Bloggers & Passports With Purpose Raise Funds for Matt Damon’s in Haiti

November 27, 2012: – Giving Tuesday: Who will you support?

“The brainchild of four Seattle-based travel bloggers, in just a few short years the project has grown largely through social media channels. Last year the group raised $90,000 and built two libraries in Zambia. This year, their goal is to donate $100,000 to to fund fresh water wells in two communities in Haiti. Every $10 donation to Passports with Purpose nets donors an entry to win a variety of prizes such as hotel stays, travel gear, or one that’s close to my heart, a chance to spend a week the Kahumoku ‘Ohana Music and Lifestyle Workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii with some of Hawaii’s premier ‘ukulele performers.”

November 27, 2012: – Passports with Purpose turns travel bloggers into fundraisers

“This is a win-win for the travel blogging world that gives brands a boost, bloggers an altruistic image, and helps build up communities that may not be tied to a Twitter feed.”

April 18, 2012: West Seattle Blog – Local travel writers’ global charity gets boost from Expedia

December 15, 2011: – Passports with Purpose: Fundraising Gets Inspiring

December 8, 2011: – Footprints and Passports with Purpose: two ways to give back

“In December, Passports with Purpose is raising money for libraries in Zambia in partnership with Room to Read, a US-registered non-profit organization. We like the idea of travel writers helping children read.”

December 2, 2011: Ethical Traveler – Travel Bloggers and Readers Making a Difference

November 30, 2011: Seattle Met – Passports with Purpose Offers Prizes and Good Karma

November 23, 2011: KOAN-AM – A moment with Passports with Purpose and Pam Mandel (audio link)

“This annual holiday-season project is a great way for us [travel bloggers] to evangelize a little about where we go and why … at the same time funding a great project.”

November 17, 2011: – Travel Talk from BlogWorld and New Media Expo West, Los Angeles (Part 2)

“As travel blogging fundraiser Passports with Purpose (PwP) gears up for 2011, co-founder Beth Whitman (@Wanderluster) explained that “We wanted some way, as travelers, to give back and help out when we travel … getting a group together to do something like this can provide exponential help for a cause, rather than trying to do it alone.” Whitman sketched PwP’s trajectory from raising US$7500 for Heifer International in 2008, to the 2011 goal: US$80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia.”

November 5, 2011 – The Gathering Road – Beth Whitman on Passports with Purpose (audio)

November 4, 2011: Blog World Expo, Los Angeles – Beth Whitman spoke on collaborating to build a better business, community and world, highlighting Passports with Purpose

November 2, 2011: Matador Network – 50 nonprofits making a world of difference

“While Orgs have traditionnally been large groups with vast networks and resources, technology has empowered everyday people to form not-for-profits with little more than a laptop and an idea. Pam Mandel, co-founder of Passports with Purpose — a community of travelers who raise funds for various causes around the globe — describes how necessary current technology is to their organization: Blogging is the primary medium for getting our message out — what we’re supporting and why we care. But we back that with lots of social media interaction, primarily Twitter and Facebook. Without social media, who can say how long it would have taken to build the kind of reach PwP has.”

November 2011: – Cover to Cover: A Passports with Purpose Interview

“People like being able to make a meaningful contribution, and this gives them a way to do it using the skills and resources they have. Sometimes blogging is like talking into an echo chamber. Is anyone reading? Are you making a difference to anyone? It’s hard to know. Participating in Passports with purpose lets you point to something – a school, or a house, or a library and say “I helped build that. My blog helped build that.'”

October 28, 2011: Gadling – Travelbloggers Fundraiser Passports with Purpose Enters Year Four

“Passports with Purpose uses social media, blogging, and the generosity of sponsors to achieve success. But it’s individual bloggers that are the key to PwP’s continued success.”

October 26, 2011: – Passports with Purpose Travel Blogging Fundraiser Aims for $80,000 – Can you help?

A charity collects well over their yearly target figure of $13,000, thinks to itself “well, that went well, let’s aim a bit higher next year…” Cut to the end of the fundraiser. They don’t have $50,000 – they have $64,128, over 25% higher than expected and a whopping 490% up on 2009′s takings. How did they do it? Hard work, a worthy cause…and community.

October 20, 2011: BootsnAll – Passports with Purpose 2011: How You Can Help

October 19 2011: Huffington Post – Passports with Purpose 2011: It’s About Reading

November 15, 2010: World Hum — Passports with Purpose Turns Three

November 10, 2010: Passports with Purpose on KUDO Alaska Radio (Starts at about 28:00)

September 29, 2010: KBCS (NPR Affiliate) – On the Blogs (audio)

September 29, 2010: TNOOZ: Travel Bloggers with Purpose Building a Village in India

Aug 10, 2010: TourismKeys: Passports With Purpose: Travel Bloggers and Tourism Industry Making a Difference

Aug 9, 2010: MatadorChange: 19 Reasons to Feel Hopeful about the World

July 22, 2010: Finalists for First Annual Bloganthropy Awards Announced.

Dec 20, 2009: NY Times: Frugal Traveler; Frugal But With Plenty to Give

Dec 8, 2009: Gadling: Passports With Purpose Raises $13,000 to Build School in Cambodia

Dec 2, 2009: WorldHum: Passports With Purpose is Back


One of five finalists nominated for the first annual Bloganthropy Award

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 Press Releases about Past Projects:

February 1, 2012: Passports with Purpose Unites More Than 100 Travel Bloggers to Support Education and Libraries in Zambia. Fourth Annual Online Fundraiser Leverages Social Media and Raises $89,699 for Room to Read

November 29, 2011: Passports with Purpose Begins Annual Online Fundraiser. Goal is to Raise $80,000 to Build Two Libraries in Zambia.

August 5, 2011: Passports with Purpose Partners with Room to Read to Build Two Libraries in Zambia

November 5, 2010: Passports with Purpose announces 2010 dates and shares sample prizes

June 25, 2010: Passports with Purpose 2010 Builds a Village in India

Nov 11, 2009: Passports with Purpose Calls Upon Travel Enthusiasts to Help Build a School in Cambodia

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